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"I love how you turn your horrible, painful life into an amusing comic interlude for the rest of us." -MasterHIM

A Customer Draws Near!

Once upon a time, technology was a novelty afforded only to those who were seasoned in its use. It was a simpler time, and some might argue a better one before the use of the tools known as "computers" became universally widespread. But as the seasons pass, so do the times change, and before long it was not uncommon to see even the most advanced gadgetry in the hands of people that clearly had no business wielding it. It soon became clear that the communication age would need leaders to see the ignorant masses through this technological revolution, and thus tech support was born. Two decades and several bloody battles later, this experiment was terminated and dismissed as a complete failure.

This is a tale from the distant future, where the concept of live phone support for technical woes has long since faded into the pages of history, then into legend, and finally into myth. Table-top role-playing games, previously situated in the lands of ferocious dragons and maidens fair, have since moved on toward that which has become equally relegated to the realms of pure fantasy. So join us now, won't you, on an adventure into ages past known simply as A Customer Draws Near!

(Yes, the title is a Dragon Warrior reference, big whoop. Wanna fight about it?)