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"I love how you turn your horrible, painful life into an amusing comic interlude for the rest of us." -MasterHIM

The Pokemon Story

One day, several years ago, I was laid off from the soul-crushing job that inspired A Customer Draws Near!, thus beginning a new chapter in my life. With plenty of spare time to fill in the empty void that was my life, I turned to Pokemon in a desperate attempt to remedy my boredom. It was in that darkness and despair that I finally came to a long-delayed realization: this game is fucking weird.

I went online to share my thoughts concerning the general wackiness and assorted oddities of the Leaf Green remake of the original Red/Blue version of the game, which had itself already aged considerably. These musings grew considerably over time and began to take shape into a narrative of sorts. That resulting narrative then went on to become an epic saga that I now find myself at odds to describe. It's not a walkthrough, nor a review, nor a fanfic. It is, quite simply, The Pokemon Story.