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Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World

Current version: 1.8.4

My most recent and arguably most ambitious project to date, Brave New World is a joint effort between myself and a fellow by the name of Synchysi, the result of which is a complete overhaul of perhaps the most beloved entry in the long-running Final Fantasy series.

Our mod proudly features...

But even though much has changed, I think one player who blogged about our mod put it best when he wrote, "...the goal seems to be to celebrate what makes FFVI the game it is, rather than undoing it and making an entirely new game out of it." Verily, Brave New World is beyond all else everything I feel that Final Fantasy VI could (and should) have been. And as the above post continues on to suggest, our mod was created to be accessible to brand new players as much as it was to people who've played FFVI dozens - or even hundreds - of times.

BTB's Morrowind Mod List

The one and only - accept no imitations or substitutes! For years, I've preached that there is indeed only one way to play a game like Morrowind, and that's with all of the shit that's wrong with it (which is a lot, so say the least) fixed in quick order by the dedicated, hardworking folks in the modding community. But for every talented modder out there who's done something to make this gem shine just a little bit brighter, there's about fifty drooling mongoloids who just went and took a steaming dump on the game, instead. Wading through this vast, endless ocean of utter crap in search of those rogue diamonds in the rough is an odyssey in and of itself, and one to which my list was created to serve as a definitive guide.

In short, my list is an elite selection of mods which I feel that no game should be without. What sets it apart from other lists is that everything on it is inter-compatible, so it can be utilized in its entirety without fear of the conflict issues that tend to arise from unassisted mod hunting. I urge those who are just getting started to read the list in its entirety (link below), however its excessive length has prompted me to generate an index (below that) for easier navigation.

Bugfix Mods & Utilities

Graphics Replacers


Gameplay Mods

Added Content